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Leafbooks for Book Publishing

Brand the art of storytelling, your way, wherever and whenever.

Don’t be left out on the digital shift in the publishing scene. Whether you’re an aspiring writer or a publisher, Leafbooks provides the best means of taking on the eBook venture, from the nook of your drafts into the readers’ view.

How can Leafbooks tap in?

For Writers

Leafbooks allows writers - from travelogues to recipes, fiction to prose - to be independent in the publishing game.

Have the convenience of self-publishing content with Leafwriter, and sell it in the market on Leafshop.

For Publishers

Publishers can take on the digital preference of modern readers with eBook sales.

Expedite content sales with eBook conversions available on Leafwriter and have it available online for sale on Leafshop.

For Readers

With books across an array of genres digitised and accessible across devices, use Leafshop to browse for your next read and scroll through reflowable pages on Leafreader.

Self-publish or convert content using Leafwriter.

Manage published content on Leafcloud.

Put up published content on Leafshop for sale.

Have readers browse through eBooks on Leafreader.

Publishing Houses

In the publishing scene, publishers are becoming more aware of the growing preference of eBooks over physical print, and there is a need to close the gap in the distribution of both physical and digital reading materials.

Leafbooks allows publications, be it small-time or big houses, to expand and amplify their business through eBook publishing, helping publishers reach a more global audience while being cost-effective. Physical books can be digitised by publishing them via Leafwriter, putting it up for sale on Leafshop for potential customers to browse. With the growing wave of social media now, going digital facilitates easy social sharing of your content online through your own audience.

Self-publishing Authors

Aspiring writers used to go through the hassle of sending in manuscripts and rejection from publishing agents simply to get their work out there, but not anymore in this digital age. With Leafbooks, content creators can self-publish their books by using Leafwriter and manage their own online bookstore on Leafshop, putting agents out of the equation.

Writers of diverse genres, be it travelogs or fiction, recipes or even poetry can design, publish, and sell their own content, giving their work the exposure they need. Leafbooks can empower independent writers to monetise off their work by themselves.