Corporate Training

Scale your organisation faster with the power of digital learning

Leafbooks for Corporate Training

Engage, provide, and support continuous learning experience when it happens, from any place, on any device.

When it comes to your business growth, live training does not scale. With Leafbooks-hosted online corporate training, get the benefits of enriched multimedia content amidst the flexibility of training your employees on-the-go.

Flexible and Convenient

Accessible anywhere, anytime, across a range of devices, made to fit a busy schedule.

Custom Learning Content

Design training content personalised to suit your brand and your employees

Technology Tools

Comprehensive content interactivity ensured with reading tools to expedite the learning process.

How can Leafbooks tap in?

For certification bodies

Publish training courses into EPUB-based eBooks to reach a wider audience of employers globally. Create and design interactive assessment courses with Leafwriter and have it available on Leafshop.

For employers

Browse for suitable online training courses on Leafshop for employees and diminish the skills-gap in the workforce.

For employees

Trainees/employees can go through EPUB-based corporate training courses on Leafreader and learn at their own pace, fitting into the organisation’s busy schedule.

Design interactive assessment courses with Leafwriter.

Host courses online on Leafcloud for easy access.

Put courses up for sale on Leafshop, or browse directly for purchase

Go through EPUB-based corporate training courses on Leafreader.

Workforce Onboarding

Fast growing companies need quick and effective recruitment, and ideally for their new employees to fit themselves into the existing workforce autonomously. Employee onboardings are crucial but may be time-consuming for employers.

Leafbooks can facilitate autonomous onboarding to ramp new hires faster and more efficiently, and most importantly, cost-effectively. By creating eBook onboarding guides on Leafwriter, a company can design content made to engage new recruits like a friendly note from their manager, first-day information, welcome messages and photos from new teammates using the multimedia tools and widgets available, as well as a glossary of company acronyms, a virtual copy of your employee handbook as well as other details about the new hire's department and job responsibilities.

As a result, growing companies can expand without it having to cost their time and effort, and new recruits can easily familiarise themselves with the nature of the organisation and their roles in being part of a cohesive, productive workforce.

Self-publishing Authors

Job opportunities may be rampant, and organisations still report the inability to find enough candidates with the right skill sets for open positions, and the unemployment rate continues to be high. This is due to the skills gap in organisations - which can be closed through competency-based training.

With Leafbooks, organisations can use Leafwriter to design, or browse for online training courses available on Leafshop to deliver high-impact, self-paced learning experiences for new recruits, as well as amplify the skill sets of an existing workforce. Certain hours of work can be spread over number of weeks. Completely virtual and scalable, organisations can have pre-defined course outcomes for employees to achieve. As a result, it transforms training experiences to be much easier and fitting into a busy schedule of both trainees and employers and help expand the organisation effectively in the long-run.