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Leafbooks for Higher Education

From course materials to quizzes and research papers, achieve student engagement beyond physical classes and lecture halls.

With the new generation of students well-exposed to technology, learning materials are mostly digitised and accessible online. An optimal learning experience is best defined by class interactivity with Leafbooks for Higher Education.

How can Leafbooks tap in?

For Institutions

With research resources made more accessible to the public, higher learning institutions can market their academic papers as subscription-based access or otherwise.

Manage published research on Leafcloud and monetise off of public access through Leafshop.

For Lecturers

Personalise course materials with Leafwriter and distribute EPUB-based content on Leafreader for students to browse.

For Students

Amplify individual and group reading strategies with reading tools available in Leafreader.

Go through course materials on Leafreader and collaborate on peer-reviewed notes on Leafwriter.

Convert research into EPUB-based eBooks and design course materials on Leafwriter.

Manage published research, host materials on Leafcloud.

Monetise off of public access for research papers through Leafshop.

Go through course materials and research papers on Leafreader.

Personalised Interactive Notes

Leafbooks can extend that through personalised interactive notes / lecture materials with Leafwriter and Leafreader, and compiling said materials to become accessible on Leafcloud. Facilitating more comprehensive input for students’ autonomous learning is essential, and there is a need to go beyond static, one-way presentation visuals.

Leafbooks allows student engagement beyond the physical classes and lecture halls, extending it to material-based interaction. Lecturers can design their course materials with Leafwriter to have a set of question and answers, playable multimedia content, and students can utilise reading tools available for note-making and lookups in Leafreader. With more input catering to diverse student preferences (visual, audio lingual, kinaesthetic, etc), Leafbooks can encourage more student engagement on course-materials to promote autonomous, student-oriented learning.

Accessible Library for Research Papers

In the academic setting, research papers and materials are digitally published online alongside printed journals in physical libraries. Nowadays, most learning institutions already have their own portals for digital resources like journals, articles, and research papers for students to access. However, such portals are often exclusive to members of the institution, and sometimes even require their own students to request access at library counters.

With Leafbooks products, colleges and universities can make their resources more accessible to the public, marketed either as subscription-based access or otherwise on Leafshop. Instutions, faculties and centres can self-publish their papers robustly through Leafwriter and broaden the platform on which their digital resources are made accessible. Consequently, it would help amplify local literature and scholarly papers in more contemporary studies in many fields.