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Your eBooks deserve an audience

– get instant online accessibility, control user access and provide them with great cloud services.

Leafcloud Perks


• Host your books online instantly
• Apply DRM to your books

User Management

• Manage user registrations and permissions
• Synchronise user notes, highlights, and bookmarks on the cloud


• Explore further possibilities for Leafshop (available exclusively with Leafcloud)
• Upload books and control every aspect of your library

Leafcloud eBooks offer you optimal control

• Convert your content into Leafcloud eBooks and get the best of the user control and synchronisation options.
• Export the same book on multiple platforms and formats all via a single user login.
• Your users can access all previously saved notes and annotations across any device or platform.
• With great user control, add or remover users anytime using only their email address.

Customize Libraries with Leafshop

Leafshop offers customised libraries and marketplace where you can design it to your preferences easily. Customise and brand your identity, alter the design and use any logo as you wish. Your users get to view a bookshelf of eBooks uploaded to your library/marketplace with multiple functionalities like the search and categorisation tools, everything through the website or mobile application. Make your library public or private for only a limited list of users. Leafshop is most ideal if you have a large number of books.

Leafbooks API

Use modern eLearning tools with Tin-Can API to monitor your users’ activity and accumulate
data into your LRS Repository. For further information, click here.