Create your own virtual library store apps with complete user access control, all manageable through a full-range control panel and API.

Leafshop offers a comprehensive solution for scalable library/marketplace systems. Providing the upper hand in utilising large numbers of eBooks, serve and manage their eBooks through a library solution across the web, desktop, or mobile apps instead of publishing them individually.

Users are given access to all the books through a single portal with a personal user experience, and the institute gets the leisure of performing all the needs of library management through a single window: Leafwriter. This includes managing user permissions, bulk uploading of eBooks, as well as editing book contents on the go.

Leafshop’s Workflow and Management Sequence

Create, self-publish or convert content using Leafwriter.

Manage published content on Leafcloud.

Put up published content on Leafshop for sale.

Have readers browse through eBooks on Leafreader.