Leafwriter is an EPUB-based ebook creator and editor, where you can add interactive content that doesn’t only run on Leafreader exclusively, but across any accommodating EPUB 3 reader.

Leafwriter allows conversion of PDF to EPUB for customisable content, as well as tailoring the look and feel of your eBook apps to your own preferences, running the result across different platforms and devices. You can export your eBook to a range of formats and have it emulated on external book readers, inside the web browser, as a desktop app, or even run natively on mobile. Additionally, you can integrate the interactive eBook to complement your current LMS system. Leafwriter plays as a nucleus of the Leafbook products, gluing all the other components together.

Four Easy Steps


From creating content, converting, and adding multimedia elements to your pages, get straight to it with a convenient four-step workflow.

Get started with the word processor tool or convert your PDF to EPUB format and add interactive visuals to your liking. If you’re an expert of your own, jump on the HTML!

Your LMS deserves a complement

A great complement for your LMS

You can’t start over a system that already feels home to your students. But you can certainly step up the game.

Display interactive eBooks in your LMS using SCORM. Learning assessments are all made easy when you can monitor grades, reports and activities going on inside any eBook.



Insert your book content into a full word processor and EPUB editor, convert your PDF or Word files into EPUB format. Add nested chapters and preview them in real-time.


Use interactive elements enabled even after conversion from PDF like videos, audio, galleries, interactive images, 3D or HTML5 widgets to enhance your content. The elements may run on any EPUB- compliant reader.


Construct questions with unlimited number of multiple choice answers for tests and assessments. Results can either be self-reported to students or emailed to the instructor for review.

Customisation &

With your own logo and preferred colour palette, brand and customise your eBooks as you go. Add a splash screen, a slogan, and choose the reading components necessary.

Your eBook

Visualise your eBooks as you customise them and emulate it in different devices to clearly see your content flow across different screen dimensions and orientations.


Export to a range of different eBook formats, including EPUB and native mobile apps to gain wider exposure. Whatever file format you need, we have it. For more information, see Exported Formats.

Export Format

Standard Format

Leafwriter exports to universal formats for eBooks, namely EPUB. Such formats already have different softwares and devices supporting them and they can easily be opened in other editors.

Leafreader Embedded

These formats have a seamless instance of Leafreader running, completely branded and customised to your liking. No special plugins or advanced requirements are needed for it to run optimally, they simply do!

Leafcloud Export

You’re simply a click away from exporting your eBook on the cloud through Leafwriter. Getting your eBooks and library up and running instantly is a definite plus-point of this service, aside from being able to manage all properties and permissions of your online books through the same portal.