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Build a comprehensive learning environment for your class

Leafbooks for Schooling Education

Classroom management, creative lesson mediums, and content-based interactive playtime in one suite.

The digital shift means redefining the relationship between teachers and students in the classroom, and the role of parents in ensuring fruitful learning beyond the classroom landscape. With 21st century teachers trying to engage with children already exposed to an environment enriched with technology, ensuring lessons are always creative and engaging can become quite the challenge.

How can Leafbooks tap in?

For School Teachers

Ready-made attractive content or self-designed lesson plan materials made unique to your students’ multimodal learning preferences.

Ready-made attractive content or self-designed lesson plan - create, deliver, and manage teaching content with Leafwriter, Leafreader, and Leafcloud.

For Parents

Monitor and support your children’s early literacy and learning at home through interactive activities.

For Children

Enjoy interactive content and learn anywhere beyond the classroom.

Make on-screen playtime and entertainment meaningful and cultivate reading culture in children.

Design interactive and comprehensive learning content on Leafwriter.

Host lesson content online on Leafcloud for easy access.

Browse Leafshop for interactive eBooks for lessons.

Go through reading materials on Leafreader and utilise reading tools.

Interactive Story Time

With Leafshop and Leafreader, parents and teachers can browse for interactive children story books to alleviate children’s group reading experience through incorporated story time questions, vocabulary tags, animated pictures, and even sounds to engage children in context-enriched interactive stories. Apart from animation effects, Leafbooks ensures an active reading session with the use of interactive questions in the eBooks.

The main essence of Leafbooks is to serve as a platform, for users’ content. With content available on Leafshop by publishers and writers everywhere, teachers can browse for and purchase storybooks on Leafshop, which would be available in their Leafcloud, and have it downloadable across devices and scrolled through on Leafreader, by both teachers and students.

Effective use of Leafbooks would result in a more engaged classroom, and a highly facilitative teacher role in allowing an active process of reading through eBook activities supporting children’s early development of literacy.

Blended Classroom Learning and Teaching

Manifesting creativity in the teaching materials and the execution of lessons, teachers can design their own learning content on Leafwriter.

Teachers can create from scratch, or simply convert their existing worksheets on Leafwriter, enriching it with various multimedia elements available in the word-processor. Animated pictures and videos can be incorporated in the teaching materials and can be uploaded and hosted online on Leafcloud for students to gain access. Upon downloading the content, students can scroll through the content, reflowable to adapt to any device – allowing students to learn interactively be it in class or at home.Teachers can incorporate Leafbooks products as a seamless medium in their blended learning lessons, putting children’s attraction to technology to good use.

Retaining face-to-face interaction and hands-on learning, teachers can utilise Leafreader to display tutorial videos and songs alongside their lesson and extract its contents to facilitate vocabulary and comprehension activities. For more personalised lesson materials, teachers can design their own content on Leafwriter, making it both interactive and comprehensive for students through the question tags and reading tools and widgets.